Heaven Pt. 44

“Therefore know this day, and consider [it] in your heart, that the LORD Himself [is] God in heaven above and on the earth beneath; [there is] no other.” Deut. 4:39 NKJV

While we may attempt to create many  roads to escape from the self-created pits we call our lives, there is but one road that will ever lead us out…one savior...one God. 

Now the nations can rage against Him, talk about how unfair or capricious they think He is, the fact remains He is GOD and there is no other. He is king and in the end He will reign forever in justice, majesty and love. He is the only wayonly truth ..only life and no-one will come to the Father except through Him!

Let’s pray: Father I thank you for the day you removed my unbelief and helped me to embrace Your Son Jesus as my Savior. Today I recognize You as the only God and the only hope of my life. Lord I pray for my loved ones caught still in unbelief. Let them hear Your voice from Heaven even as I did. Let them become a part of Your forever reign. Please Lord do a quick work. My heart aches for those who have denied You! In Jesus Name A-men.