6 thoughts on “Heaven Pt.41

  1. Yes indeed! And I am so looking forward to that day,and only those who love and know who they are in Christ are looking forward to that day with great joy! The massive makeover will be like a coin,for the wheat it will be like nothing we’ve ever imagine! The peace and joy,no more sin nothing can ever hurt or harm us again.We will be forever with our Saviour. Truly words cannot describe the beauty of our Saviours face or what it’s like to be forever with him. On the flip side there will be terror and horrors that man can never imagine,so many people play and make fun of the gospel. But play time will sure enough be over then,it will be screaming and groaning all day and all night. So we continue to pray for the lost,they don’t have a clue,and the more they reject Jesus,the harder there’re hearts get. Praise God for the massive makeover that’s coming Amen.
    Love you Pastor 😀

    • The Day of His Coming will be great and horrible. Great for those who have trusted, horrible for those who have sat in the seat of mockers and proclaimed “Where is this coming He promised?” Oh how “I wish We’d All Been Ready!” to coin an old song title. Thanks Pat for your comment!

  2. I think it is going to be amazing because I hope this time we will be watching from where God is sitting. To watch His glory unfold before our very eyes, WOW!!!!!!

  3. The first “do-over” won’t be so much of a change to the world itself, but there would have to be a massive change in peoples’ lives as they realise so many people are missing – people known to believe in God and trust in Jesus the Saviour. Then, of course, there will also be chaos in all areas, depending on the activities (driving etc) of those taken. The Holy Spirit leaves with us, because He no longer has a temple to indwell, and without His restraining influence, wickedness will abound. [2 Thess 2]

    The real ‘do-over’ of the world will be terrible to put it mildly. Words would fail to express the terrible-ness to be experienced then. Thank God we will not be here, but pity those who will be.

    • It is so true Angela. The rapture of the church and the Tribulation period are part of the do-over, the resetting of the world. We have gone so far from the created purpose it will be literally earth shaking. 😦

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