Sunday Relevant and Healthy

When God made the church on the day of Pentecost he didn’t create a government though the church has governance. He didn’t create a school though the church has disciples.

He didn’t create a club though the church has fellowship.

He created a “body”. He made an organism with millions of “cells” each one having a special function which could only be carried out in the context of the greater whole.

I have been thinking about the church as I have moved through the paces of benevolence projects and fellowship luncheons these last weeks. The questions often asked me  are, “Is the church relevant today? Is it even healthy to be part of the corporate church?”

As to church relevance here’s what I know. The church will always be relevant in the world, not because we keep up with the times and the culture (though we should try to do that I think), but because it is THE created device in which people of God can express their power. God didn’t make any thing else for Christians to plug into. And we were born with a NEED to plug-in.

As to church health here’s what I know. Some things that call themselves “church” are not really “church”. If the organism doesn’t preach Christ crucified for the salvation of man, if it doesn’t teach the Bible as the authoritative word of God, if it doesn’t lead people into godly relationship with each other and ministry work, if it doesn’t point people towards a personal lifestyle of worshipping Jesus, it ain’t “church” no matter what sign hangs over the door. the perfect church doesn’t exist but health doesn’t require perfect. It just requires a commitment to live biblically before God in community.

As you gather this Sunday in your house of worship know that the songs, the ceremonies, the traditions are not as important as the purpose behind it all. Church is the most relevant thing a Christian can do! It is necessary! It is healthy!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the church!