Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 66

You might be new to “Reinventing the We’ll”. You might be asking Who is Pastor Wrinkles? What is a chapter chart?

Pastor Wrinkles is a moniker my youth group gave me in 2010/ 2011 during my last year as a youth pastor (for now). At the time I was the oldest youth pastor in our district (just a spring chicken really but as youth pastors go a little past my prime).

The chapter charts are a devotional exercise.Here are the steps to creating a chapter chart:

1. read the chapter in question?

2. Ask yourself “What are three things I noticed in this chapter?”

3. Write those three points down as titles or sermon topics.

It’s easy and fun so give it a try!

Here are my offerings for Numbers 12 and 13.

Numbers chapter 12 sermon topics/titles:

1. The Wounds of A Brother, the Wounds of A Sister: Nu.12:1-13

2. What’s a Prophet? What’s A Friend? Nu. 12: 6-8

3. One Sure Way to Lose Face.: Nu. 12: 1-11

Numbers chapter 13 sermon topics/titles:

These are rather tongue in cheek but they would make fun church signage!

1. Leading By Logic: Nu. 13: 1-33

2. Bugging People: Nu. 13: 1-33

3. Count Your Many Curses Count them One By One Count Your Many Curses Forget What the Lord Has Done! Nu. 13:1-33

11 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 66

  1. Pastor J, oh, how this one speaks out “Count Your Many Curses Count them One By One Count Your Many Curses Forget What the Lord Has Done!” It is said to say that sometimes we are so focused on our woe that we forget to remind ourselves of the many things He has done.
    Numbers 12
    1. Point not at another’s sin. Nu. 12: 1
    2. Why do you criticize my chosen one? Nu. 12:6-8
    3. Nothing good comes from jealousy. Nu. 12:14
    Numbers 13
    1. The tribal twelve were sent out. Nu. 13:3
    2. Can the courage of two conquer a land? Nu. 13:30
    3. Don’t be defeated before the battle begins. Nu. 13:31-33

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    • Playing is simple! All you have to do is read the chapters we are reading for a given day and come up with three blog ideas/ titles from the chapter and write them into the blog as a comment. Doing this five times between now and chapter chart 99 (I post Pastor Wrinkles Charts twice a week) puts you in the running for the prize! the prize will go to the most original chapter chart (which is a series of three blog topics or titles on a chapter). So far Deb is winning! Let’s see if you can give her some competition! 🙂

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