Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 65

You might be new to “Reinventing the We’ll”. You might be asking Who is Pastor Wrinkles? What is a chapter chart?

Pastor Wrinkles is a moniker my youth group gave me in 2010/ 2011 during my last year as a youth pastor (for now). At the time I was the oldest youth pastor in our district (just a spring chicken really but as youth pastors go a little past my prime).

The chapter charts are a devotional exercise.Here are the steps to creating a chapter chart:

1. read the chapter in question?

2. Ask yourself “What are three things I noticed in this chapter?”

3. Write those three points down as titles or sermon topics.

It’s easy and fun so give it a try!

Here are today’s chapter charts on Numbers 10 and 11

Numbers chapter 10 sermon topics/titles:

1. The Trumpet Of Assembly: Nu 10: 1-4

2. The Trumpet Of Battle: Nu. 10: 8-10

3. The Trumpet Of Rejoicing: Nu 10:10

(Boy so much more in that chapter but I have used up my three wishes!)

Numbers chapter 11 sermon topics/titles:

1. Fire In the Sinner’s Pew! Nu. 11: 1-3

2. Craving Other Food. :Nu. 11: 4-25

3. Blessed Even In Rebellion: Nu. 11: 26-30

Now tell me what you see! 🙂