It’s Finally Here!

Well winter has finally arrived folks! It has come to New England just in time to leave. At least it put in an appearance! 🙂

For New Englanders used to the harsh winters of the North East, this year has been a little disconcerting. Even so the snow while sort of comforting was the typical heavy wet spring stuff. It Looks pretty on the trees but is sort of like shoveling mud. Shoveling aside, the countryside of Massachusetts looks so pretty in its seasonal color. Who said white doesn’t work after labor day?Be blessed! JE

16 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here!

  1. Really, truly beautiful! One of the things I miss about the mid-west is snow, for a day of so! 😉
    It was 84 here in southern Texas yesterday. Now that just doesn’t seem right at all.
    Happy snow day, dear J!

  2. Hello Pastor J,

    Apparently, white works very well after Labor Day! 🙂 It is beautiful! The heavy wet snow, although no fun to shovel, always made the best snowballs! 🙂 God bless!


  3. Pastor J . . .these are beautiful pictures! I love the 4th one the best! Thank you for showing us what was suppose to happen this winter. haha! We didn’t get much either!

  4. Thank you, Pastor J for sharing your photos our kids were certainly blessed yesterday with no school. These pictures are beautiful. All I can think of is the harvest is white as snow. I can just imagine God seeing and anticipating His harvest in all it’s beauty. Have a blessed day.

  5. “Wow”!! Pastor Jelillie it’s so beautiful!! I love the snow and here in South Carolina from January until now we’ve had spring like weather. We had a few cold days but nothing last the winter blast we got last year,and no snow yet,enjoy your’s

    • We have enjoyed it these past days Pat! I understand though we will be up in the sixties by Wednesday. So it is shortlived. My in-laws are in South Carolina this winter!

  6. Beautiful photos. Thanks, but * P-L-E-A-S-E * send some snow this-a-way! – or at least a cool breeze!
    Actually, we are supposed to be the third day into autumn but we know we will not experience cooler weather for another month. Our temps are still around mid 30’s (about low 90’sF?) and our humidity is still high.

    Maybe soon we will not have to contend with the weather?

  7. Thank you kindly, Pastor J

    Glad you’re happy to have it there 🙂 It missed us by a mile … no regrets! 🙂 lol


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