Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 64

I have been hearing a lot lately about being a light in the darkness. As I meditate on today’s Scriptures I understand that it’s not just about being a light. It’s about what we do with the light. Here is what I got from today’s chapter charts in Numbers 8 and 9.

Numbers chapter 8 sermon topics/titles:

1. Send the Light Forward: Nu. 8:1-3

2. Cleansed Before Service: Nu. 8: 5-16

3. Are You a Gift to your Pastor? Nu. 8:19

Numbers chapter 9 sermon topics/titles:

1. An Appointed Time, An Appointed Way: Nu. 9: 1-3

2. The God of Second Passovers: Nu. 9: 6-14

3. Go In the Direction Of the Covering Fire: Nu. 9:15-22

Now you try! 🙂