C.cada Weekend

Yesterday was our monthly meeting of C.cada, Cornerstone’s artist community. I am so excited by what is happening through this fledgling group of musicians, painters and poets!

This month we began our spring choir and spring instrumental groups. They are getting ready to minister in our church and in a community concert sometime in May.

Meanwhile our graphic artists and poets are working on an outreach program designing  greeting cards to minister to people in our community, and one of our artists

is working on a painting to be sold at a Teen Challenge auction.

The ladies who work in fabric, our prayer shawl ministry, just sent 30 prayer shawls to India to minister to ladies being set free from human trafficking! Hallelujah!

And two of our musicians are working on music projects hoping to go to recording soon!

I am so humbled by what God has done with us in less than a year! Thank you Jesus! May Your kingdom be built! May souls be won!

Here is one of the songs we will do for our spring concert.


10 thoughts on “C.cada Weekend

  1. Thank you, Pastor J because yesterday was so fulfilling as an artist. Jesus was certainly in the house. May many more come and see what C. cada is all about. Thank you, Jesus. A-men!

    • Hear this prayer Oh Lord! Debby thank you for working with our young instrumentalists yesterday because of your work a generation shall grow using their talents for Jesus!

  2. This just blesses my socks off! I am so excited by what He is doing in this wonderful group of artists surrendered to Him. And I loved the song!!! God bless you, Pastor J and the artist community there!

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