Award Sundays: King of Kings!

Thank you Jesus and thank you Jonathan at 237 Blessed  for nominating me for The King of Kings Friendship Blogger Award! As the creators of this award at say this is more of a personal blessing than an award. I choose to receive it as both! 🙂

In my prayer and planning times God has impressed on me that this will be a “year of doubling”. One of the goals God has placed in my heart is to double the readership of “Reinventing the We’ll”. I believe that these nominations are a blessing God will use to open doors towards that goal of greater ministry in the blogosphere!

Many years ago God impressed on me the need to focus on building connections between people in the body of Christ. I never dreamed when I began blogging that I would “meet” so many wonderful brothers and sister. I am most blessed at this occasion to nominate a few of you wonderful co-laborers for this award! One of my new reads. Her Inspirational fiction is great! You probably already know her. She is quite famous and quite deserving of this honor!

And of course Thanks Ann for all you do!

Be blessed dear readers. See you tomorrow! 🙂