Award Sundays: the Candle-Lighter Award

Angela at has given me yet another Sunday to rejoice in the Lord by granting me the Candle-Lighter Award.

I am so thankful to the God who has called me into this work. He has blessed me through a group of affirming readers during a time of great transition and personal challenge.

When I started “Reinventing the We’ll” I never realized the many turns my life would take. I thought I would be writing mostly about changes in mid-life, family and the empty nest experience. But God has drawn me back to my roots in ministry and has affirmed that through every change no matter how difficult or devastating His Word is “all our hope and stay”. Thank you Angela and thank you “Believe Anyway” for creating this award!

Before I close I want to nominate another blogger.  Lillian is a young inspiration. She has finished her first novel at sixteen and has taken on her high school campus as her first mission field! Read about her exploits at


14 thoughts on “Award Sundays: the Candle-Lighter Award

  1. Pastor J, I love all the awards you have gotten, and how He is using your blog as a way to affirm His Word and love to you. I never ever would have thought I would be blogging . . .or that I would get the privilege to meet and be ministered to by so many wonderful people. God bless you as you keep doing what He asks you to! You are helping many!

    • It is so true Deb! I have come to know so many wonderful brothers and sisters through our shared work. This is the greatest reward. That I may speak something good into the lives of others is everything to me! 🙂

  2. Thank you God for blessing Pastor J with another award he so deserves it. Congratulations, Pastor J and again thank you for your blog it inspires me in so many ways. God bless you in all that you do.

  3. You deserve it – or better said – your obedience to the Lord and your willingness to be used by Him to bring encouragement and challenge to others is rewarded. It is all of Him and we need no other reward than the Lord’s “Well done” but He encourages us here and now with these little “thank you’s” from our fellow bloggers.
    So – congratulations, well done and thank you for one whom you have helped and encouraged. I know our great God will continue to bless you and use you to bless many others.

    • Thank you Angela! That God would ever choose me is beyond my wildest imagination! It has been a great adventure so far…Can’t wait for what lies ahead! “Further in and Deeper back!”

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