Prague Vicariously

My sister, a missionary associate in The Netherlands, recently attended a children’s workers conference in Prague, The Czech Republic. Here is a visual recording of some of her adventures.




Rev. Brenda J. Lillie MA The Netherlands

Rev. Judy Mensch Missionary The Netherlands


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14 thoughts on “Prague Vicariously

  1. Tom and I were looking at these beautiful pictures and he wanted to know, why did they make a statue of Jesus if they don’t know Him? I told him people may have pictures/statues of Jesus and may never ever really know Him, “but they need Him.” I told him yes they do. Lord, Tom and I pray right now that many will begin to have a revelation in their hearts to who you are as we pray and that divine appointments will take place to help these people come to know Jesus. A-men

    • …And perhaps the man who created the statues did know and was doing his work to proclaim Jesus in his day as we are in ours! May the faith of the generations bring forth glory!

  2. Beautiful pics, Pastor J

    Thanks for sharing. I still want to go! 🙂

    Praying Papa will make the hearts fertile as His servants share the word.

  3. Beautiful pictures Pastor J!

    May the Lord bless your sister abundantly, as she continues to strive to do the will of the Lord throughout the world!


  4. beautiful photos, your sister a missionary associate inthe Netherlands… awesome! God bless protect and anoint your sevants everywhere, in your name, Jesus!

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