Heaven Pt. 18

“Therefore God give thee of the dew of heaven, and the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine:” Ge. 27:28 KJV

This verse comes smack dab in the story of Jacob and the stolen blessing. Thinking that Jacob is Esau (the oldest son) Issac releases the blessing of the firstborn over Jacob. Jacob is blessed with a lot of things but one of those things is the dew of Heaven.  In a country with little natural irrigation, rain and dew…well they were almost as important as God. Without them a family would be sure to meet the Maker sooner rather than later. So the dew of Heaven, assurance of rain, was a real worry- eraser.

What I do know of Jacob’s life though, is that even with the blessing he found plenty of other things to steal the sleep from his eyes at night. I guess for him it must have come down to what he was going to focus on. Sure he had the blessing but if I had his life to live I’m not so sure the blessing would have been enough to keep my chin off the ground: forced to flee from his home, cheated by his father-in-law and uncle, stuck in a soap opera of a life, his favorite wife dying in child-birth, his son sleeping with the mother of some of his children, his favorite son dying (at least that’s what he thought). All dew of Heaven aside his life sometimes bit the big one!

It puts me in mind of something God said to me earlier this month. “In the days to come the power of the blessing will ride alongside of the power of the curse.” In this epoch of history folks, as blessed as we might get the blessing will never do away with the curse. Both things are going to ride side by side until Jesus comes. So it’s going to come down to what we focus on. Will you look to the blessing or will your sight be blinded behind the tears of the curse?

Let’s pray: Father in the days to come I know Your blessing will be present. Help me to keep my eyes focused on that and on You even when the curse rears its ugly head. In  Jesus name A-men.