Pastor Wrinkles: Just the F.L.A.C.T.S. Pt. 4

We have been talking about the F.L.A.C.T.S. these last few days. That is coming to God through:

Faith with a

Listening spirit

Adoring God before everything else

Confessing both the strengths and weaknesses of our situation

Thanking Him for His move in our lives as we recognize it and finally

Supplicating with the Lord in regards to the things HE wants to give us.

 Today we come to the part of effective praying which involves the adoration of God.

Much of the prayer life should be consumed with worshipping God and coming to an attitude in which He is more important than everything else. The substance of adoration is making God more important than every other thing in life.  And here are some practical steps to achieving that place of worship:

 1.  As you begin your prayer session turn on praise music and sing along. Think about what the words mean. Which words strike a chord with you? Repeat those words several times taking them deep into your soul.

2.     As you listen to the music begin to make up your own words of praise to God. It is awesome to sing someone else’s music to the Lord but even more amazing when you make up your own melodies to Jesus. They don’t have to be profound they just have to be yours.

3.     Take one of the positive  Psalms and personalize it. Psalm 23 is great for this as is Psalm 25, 27 or 91.

How have you strengthened your worship life as a Christian?