Pastor Wrinkles: Just the F.L.A.C.T.S. Please Pt. 1

Dear Readers: What follows are excerpts from Cornerstone’s New Year’s Day sermon. If you would like to hear the sermon in its entirety please go to and  follow the Pastor’s Corner link to the sermons portion of our website.     

 “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you. ” John 15:7 NIV

            Many Christians are at a loss when it comes to the work of prayer in the walk with Christ.  We can tell God our stories in graphic detail but in the end our prayers do little to change our circumstances. For many, prayer seems like just a  repetition of things we are aware God already knows. We come away from telling Him our story to feel like He hasn’t heard us or worse is annoyed with our telling.

      John 15:7 implies that the problem starts with us. It is our communication problem not God’s.  Envision yourself with the family member who can never tell a story without sparing you the gory details. I think it is sometimes like that in our relationship with God.  Maybe there are days when God  wants to stop us in our much speaking and say to us “Just give me the facts please.”

Or maybe that is “Just the F.L.A.C.T.S. please”.

This is a good day to begin asking ourselves the question “How effective are our prayer lives?”

            The answer lies in how we are communicating. Are we the relative who bends God’s ear but says nothing. Or are we the person who deals in the F.L.A.C.T.S. Are we approaching God as complainers bearing tales of woe or are we coming to God Through: 

Faith with a

Listening spirit

Adoring God before everything else

Confessing both the strengths and weaknesses of our situation

Thanking Him for His move in our lives as we recognize it and finally

Supplicating with the Lord in regards to the things HE wants to give us.

I sense that 2012 is going to be a year of God’s mighty move. That’s not just because God has made up His mind to move but it’s because God’s people are going to begin living and praying forth the word of God in appropriating faith once again by giving God the F.L.A.C.T.S.

More to come Friday…. Join us tomorrow for Pastor Wrinkles Chapter Charts.