Pastor Wrinkles: The Perfect Christmas

Christmas 2011 is now upon us, dear reader. Therefore, I thought it appropriate to take a few moments to share some pastoral points about how to have the perfect Christmas tomorrow.

1. Give yourself grace: As a culture we put too much pressure on ourselves to get it right. We expect that we are going to be able to produce the Norman Rockwell Christmas that even Norman Rockwell couldn’t create. It’s time to realize, the “perfect” Christmas doesn’t exist. You can not create it; So relax and receive Christmas as it comes. It can be wonderful without being “perfect”.

2. Give others grace: If you can’t create the perfect Christmas neither can your spouse or your kids. Release them from impossible expectations and let them be themselves.

3. Thank God Tomorrow: By releasing unrealistic expectations you will be able to stop looking at what Christmas is not and praise God for what it is. So many of us are in less than perfect situations this year. That doesn’t mean there aren’t blessings to be found in the day. Take some time to thank God for every good thing in your life.

4. Make the day about Christ: We talk a lot about how commercialized Christmas has become. Let’s stop talking about it and do something about it. Take some time to make Christ the focus.

5. Take a Break: For God’s sake (and I really mean that) sit down sometime during the day. Take a load off. Shut up and rest!

6. Take Heart: In the end it is only one day…twenty four hours. Even if the sucker totally tanks anyone can make it through twenty-four hours! So rejoice the twenty-sixth is boxing day. You can bag up any bad memories and just return them to the store. Next year will be better.

7. Remember Pastor Wrinkles loves you. That alone should make for a perfect holiday 🙂

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

20 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: The Perfect Christmas

  1. Oh Pastor J . . .you have blessed me so much. I am laughing so hard and I really needed to. You got me at “even if the sucker totally tanks” . . .hahahaha! Thank you so much and God bless you and yours! Merry Christmas! ( you helped make the merry part merrier!)

  2. This is very good advice and I especially like #5.Take a Break: For God’s sake (and I really mean that) sit down sometime during the day. Take a load off. Shut up and rest! This I will do. #3. Thank God. I am thinking of all the many blessings I received this year and the most recent my brother surviving a major heart attack one that should have ended a different way from how the doctors explained it. Our God is so good. May your Christmas be filled with many blessings. Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks kindly, Pastor J
    I have been running off my feet all day. Thanks for all the great pointers, but number 5 bites! 🙂 Family lock-down begins at midnight. I shall rest like never before! lol

    • Christmas can get like that. It’s a real challenge for us as ministers to keep it calm! I worked very hard at it this year. I hope your day was blessed Ann and you got to take a load off at some point!

  4. Dear jellie – I really like you! This was, indeed, the perfect Christmas post! I think it’s time I add you to my blog roll – with your permission.
    Merry Christmas, new friend!
    Debbie (do you have trouble keeping all your Debbie’s straight?) 😀

  5. Hi Pastor J,

    Very good pointers! Have a Merry, Merry Christmas! God bless you and yours!

    To all in the comment stream, a Merry Christmas to you, as well!


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