Pastor Wrinkles Chapter Charts Pt. 41

God has been speaking to me lately about the importance of journeys in our lives.  It is by our journeys through life that we grow closer to or farther away from God. Our travels are part of what makes us, us. We are schooled most in life through the experiences we have in sojourn. Every step has a lesson to teach.

Exodus is a book about journeys. As Israel wandered they were given lessons and by extension so were we. There is a wealth of wisdom in the paragraphs penned by Moses. What follows are the lessons I see in today’s chapters in Exodus.

Exodus chapter 31 sermon topics/ titles:

1. God’s art program: Exodus 31: 1-6

2. The Sabbath Sign: Exodus 31: 12- 17

3. Written For Remembrance: Exodus 31: 18

Exodus chapter 32 sermon topics/titles:

1.  The Work of Fear: Exodus 32: 1-6

2.  Preserving the Lord’s Testimony: Exodus 32:7-14

3.  Smashing Anger: Exodus 32:15-35

Now Your Try! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles Chapter Charts Pt. 41

  1. Really liked the intro, Pastor J, as you talk about journeys. 🙂 God bless you and the journey you are on . . .and also these great chapter chartings you do!

  2. God is certainly calling me closer and closer to Him through this exercise of chapter charting and it’s been a journey about waiting and listening. Thank you Pastor J for teaching us about His Good News. I really like “The Work of Fear”, oh, how we do things out of fear. Here are my ideas.
    Exodus 31
    1. Have you been handpicked by Him? 31:1-6
    2. Why do we find it so hard to take a day of rest? 31:15
    3. Do you allow yourself to be refreshed in Him? 31:17
    Exodus 32
    1. Could you stand against the tide? 32:1-6
    2. Which side will you choose? 32:26-29
    3. For the love of His people. 32:30

    • “Could you stand against the tide?” is a great question Debbie and a message worth preaching and meditating on. I wonder sometimes if push came to shove what would I have done?

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