Heaven Pt. 4

 “And God called the firmament Heaven.” Ge. 1:8

God made the firmament of the heavens as a protective cover for the world He loved. Adam and Eve didn’t have to pay for it or earn it. They didn’t ask for it or even seek it. God gave it to them as a gift…as a part of the world He made for them.

“If… onlys” are perhaps the saddest part of man’s fall into sin:

“If only I hadn’t taken that first drink I wouldn’t be an alcoholic.”

“If only I hadn’t given that woman a second look, I would still be married.”

“If only Adam and Eve hadn’t eaten from the tree, our race would have reached  immortality. The firmament would still protect us and we wouldn’t die!”

But Adam and Eve did eat the fruit. The firmament did dissolve. Now we do die.

“But God” is perhaps the most hopeful phrase ever heard since the fall.

“I was a sinner but God in His mercy rescued me!”

“By Adam sin entered into the world but God sent His only son to die on a cross to break the power of sin!”

We couldn’t pay for it or earn it. We didn’t ask for it or seek it;  God gave us Heaven as a gift…part of His plan to redeem mankind.

But there is a difference between the firmament and the Heaven of Heavens. the firmament covered everyone no questions asked. The Heavens of heavens  can be an eternal covering for anyone who chooses to repent… who chooses to turn from their sin and walk towards God…who chooses to believe in Christ Jesus.  But not everyone is covered because not everyone chooses to repent… to turn towards God…to believe in Christ. So many would rather try to earn their way into the Heaven of heavens because in the economy of fallen man it is easier to attempt feats of heroism than to say your sorry. But penance will never break us through to eternity. The only way is through humble acceptance of Christ’s atoning death on the cross.

Have you received assurance of Heaven by believing in Jesus?

6 thoughts on “Heaven Pt. 4

  1. Thanks for writing these my brother….It is like you are talking to me….and lifting me up even though I am very far away. 🙂 Blessed assurance indeed! 🙂

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