Christmas Joy Mondays Pt. 2

How have you seen God this Christmas?

Have you seen Him in the hustle and bustle of the city streets? He is there finding room in a world that declares “No room in the inn!”

Have you seen him in the quiet of the new fallen snow?

He is the God who calms the storm and brings the world to a hush with glory from His storehouses!



I have seen Him in the warmth of a Christmas hearth. He reminds me that He is the light of the world come to lighten my darkness. He fills my heart with joy at every turn!

Where have you seen God this Christmas season?

6 thoughts on “Christmas Joy Mondays Pt. 2

  1. Where have I seen God this Christmas season? I’ve seen God in my son’s face especially after praying for another sick child. The look on his face is one of peace because he knows in his heart God has heard his prayer. Lord, help us all to have Faith like a child.

  2. He is so good and each year He gives me a particular sighting of Him, that lets me know He is here, even in the hustle and bustle. I see Him everyday, in everything around me, but I might have to get back with you for that special time when He speaks to my heart about His coming.
    God bless you and thank you for helping us look for God this Christmas!

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