23 Pt. 23

“… and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.” Psalm 23:6 KJV

     It fits that pt. 23 is the last session we shall have together in Psalm 23. It also segues wonderfully into our next change study! We are going to start a word study on Heaven.

      What do we know about this place? Some people think it’s all clouds and harps and singing for eternity. David seemed to want to go there. I suppose for a guy who loved music the clouds and harps thing seemed like a pretty attractive deal; But what about those poor guys who can’t carry a tune in a bucket? You know those guys who can hardly sit through an offertory? Clouds and harps for eternity hardly sounds like a plan for the man or woman of action!….And what about the ADHD among us? Spending all eternity in one place doing one thing? Torture!

     Let me rest your mind. Heaven is much more than clouds and harps and angels singing. It’s more than just “a great big house with lots and lots of room” as the song goes. I’d like to start with your thoughts.

What do you think Heaven is? What will it be like?

6 thoughts on “23 Pt. 23

  1. Heaven to me is seeing my son completely healed, no more seizures, HALLELUJAH!!!. I can’t even fathom what heaven will be like because I am so awe struck just at the thought of seeing my son getting to speak with his bible hero David. That will be a glorious sight to behold. I guess for me Heaven is feeling God’s presence continuously forever. Being in His presence now is wonderful but forever, Wow!!! I am anxiously waiting Jesus’ return.

  2. I think Heaven will be much different than what most Christians think. I dont think we will be floating around in the clouds, I think we will be living on a new city, and a new earth (rev 21) I think we will be working in Heaven (similar to adam before the fall). It wont be the laboring, painful work we do now. I think there will be different degree of rewards for us in Heaven, without reward envy. There will be no pain, tears. We will have recognizable resurrected bodies.

    • “I think Heaven will be much different than what most Christians think.” I totally agree Mike! Actually for a place we say we really want to go I don’t think most Christians spend enough time thinking about it.

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