When the Night Seems Long

       Have you ever had a moment where the command of God comes through so strong you simply know you have to do what He is telling you to do right then and there?

I had such a moment last week. I felt I needed to call a lady from our church. The business I had to speak with her about was hardly earth-shaking but I knew it had to be done at that time on that day.

I called.

She answered.

Turns out she was on her way for a biopsy to find out if she had breast cancer ( not at all why I thought I was calling).

In the last year this sister-in-the-Lord has sat by the bed-side of one son severely wounded in a motor cycle accident, walked with her father through a major heart attack, stood beside her mom through breast cancer treatments, and her sister who nearly died of renal failure. Now her daughter may have celiac disease, and her seventeen year old has been experiencing mysterious black-outs. It’s been a long year by anyone’s estimation.

I hate to say it but she is not alone. So many are going through so much. This present darkness of night seems to be closing in more and more with each passing day. What can we do when the night seems so long?

First, remember Christian you are the light of the world. No one needs to walk in darkness when one of us is near. Inside of each one of us is an inextinguishable light. We carry within us the hope of the ages.

Second, when the night seems long shine your light. Be practical in your spreading of hope. Call someone and offer prayer. If you are suffering ask someone to pray for you. Don’t just go to church. Be the church! It may be midnight out there but it’s time for the sleeper to awaken!

Finally, speak to this darkness and command it to leave. Sing and make music in your hearts to silence this foe and this avenger. Antichrist’s spirit may be strong but it is not stronger than the worshippers of Jesus Christ. We are the victors in this battle brothers and sisters! I’ve read the end of the Book. We win! Don’t you forget it!

How can I pray for you today?