Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 34

     I am in the process of planning my next session of classes for after the holidays. I will be starting a two class project in January. “God-Quest” is our first six-week session and then “God’s First Five” will carry us through May! By that time we should be easily through the Pentateuch and well into Joshua with the chapter charts! I think we may just chart the whole Bible! What do you think?

Exodus chapter 17 sermon topics/titles:

1. Learn to rest in the test! Ex. 17:1-3

2. Resty, Testy, and Nasty Ex. 17: 5-7

3. The battle in resting Ex. 17:8-15

Exodus chapter 18 sermon topics/titles:

1. God is the helper of outsiders Ex. 18: 1-4

2. the structure of resting Ex 18: 13-26

3. The word comes, rejoices, delivers, goes Ex. 18: 9-27


4 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 34

  1. Your idea of going all through the Bible is wonderful! 🙂 It puts a whole new twist on the reading the Bible in a year plans. All of these potential sermons looked great. I especially liked the sound of learning to rest in the test. God bless you and give you rest too!

  2. Pastor J, I think it is a great idea to chapter chart the whole bible. I’m ready to take that journey. Here are my chapter charts.
    Exodus 17
    1. What will quench your thirst in a drought? 17: 1-3
    2. Why must the faithless see to believe? 17: 5-7
    3. Your not alone in the battle. 17: 10-13
    Exodus 18
    1. Revelation in Him brings forth great joy. 18: 7-12
    2. You cannot do this on your own. 18: 14-19
    3. Teach them His ways. 18:20-26

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