Prayer Weekend

      Over the weekend I attended a men’s prayer retreat and evangelistic services at our church. While I had some time to catch up on reading I did not find a good time to write; So this post is just a tad behind schedule.

     Here are some of the thoughts God shared with me during the retreat in random order:

1. God is in the midst of challenging the church’s paradigm of giving. He is calling us to a new level of simplicity and sacrifice.

2.  The best way to lose sight of temptation is to look at Jesus.

3. The prayer work God is calling His church to now is preparation for what lies in the future.

4. God is bringing His people to desperation so that they will seek Him.

5. Seek God and desperation will lose its edge.

6. Remember giving yourself to the social life of the church is not equivalent to being saved.

7. Many in the church long to grow close to the pastor rather than Jesus. This must not be encouraged. In the hours of desperation it will be just them and Jesus. They must know how to access the presence of God for themselves.

8. When people go to church to seek answers they often end up with shallow empty religion. When people go to church to seek Jesus they always end up with a vibrant living faith.

9. Faith works best when there is no natural hope.

10. Sometimes more is not always better, sometimes it is just more.

11. When Jesus comes in His kingdom the highest ranking officials, the most prestigious among us will not be governors or kings but those who worship in the temple. There is a deep privilege in prayer.

 What has God been sharing with you in prayer lately?

4 thoughts on “Prayer Weekend

  1. Pastor J, It sounds like you had a great week-end with the Lord. “Faith works best when there is no natural hope” really speaks to me. God has been speaking to me about 1 Kings 17, this was the sermon topic a few weeks back. God has brought this scripture to my mind 5 or 6 times in the past week and a half. I believe He is telling me to keep trusting Him for provision, that His warehouse is never empty, and that I will see my son healed. I will walk by faith until it is sight. Thank you, Lord for using your word to strengthen my faith.

  2. God has been speaking to me about the doubt in my prayers. He has been reminding me that doubt is lack of faith. When I doubt that my prayers are effective I am really doubting God. As I consider myself a woman of faith I was quite surprised and more than a little saddened. Silly pride before the fall!

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