23 Pt.17

     “Thou anointest my head with oil.” Psalm 23:5

     So today we finish talking about the anointing. The anointing:



Requires and the anointing


     I want to tell you, there is nothing more exciting than living life under tha anointing. Christianity when lived in cooperation with the Holy Spirit’s plans is anything but boring! It has its complications(life under the anointing can get challenging). It has its assurances ( with the anointing I will succeed in the way God has ordained). It has its requirements (in order to walk in this anointing there are things I must do to cooperate with Holy Spirit). But all that leads to a life full of excitement!

      As I write this I am preparing for a weekend prayer gathering where we will be believing for healing of bodies, marriages, and bank accounts. Now as I pray I am not just biting my nails hoping God will do something. I KNOW God is going to meet us! I can pray this way because God has anointed us to pray. Because of what we do lives will be saved. Bodies will be healed. Provision will be received. Laborers will be sent to the field!  What could possibly be more exciting than watching the world change supernaturally?

What has God done in your life through the anointing?