Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 31

       I have come to it that the one thing in all the world that will change me the most is the Word of God. Reinventing the We’ll,  is a blog that is dedicated to bringing about healthy positive change. So twice a week I give this blog-space over to my alter-ego, Pastor Wrinkles.  Pastor Wrinkle’s chapter charts are a Bible study tool. The method is simple: Read a chapter; Come up with three sermon topics or ideas from the chapter. It is truly life changing! Check it out!

Exodus chapter 11 sermon topics/titles:

1. The Favor Of the Enemy: Ex. 11: 1-3

2. Distinction in Silence: Ex. 11:7

3. “So That My Wonders May Be Multiplied”: Ex. 11:9

Exodus chapter 12 sermon topics/titles

1. The Dispensation of Devastation: Ex. 12:1-29

2. The Lord’s Vigil/ Our Vigil: Ex. 12: 40-42

3. Circumcising The Alien: Ex: 12:48,49

Let’s see what you see in these chapters! 🙂