How To Make Crab-Apple Jelly Err…Sauce

      Muddy’s property has some wonderful crab apples.


So this year I decided it would be fun to make some wonderful crab apple jelly sauce for Christmas presents.

Below are step by step instructions for crab apple jelly sauce!

Step one: Pick the apples and put them in a pot. Contrary to popular opinion these suckers don’t hop off the tree into a basket. If you wait for them to fall they get really nasty!


Step two:  Put the pot on a stove and cook them to mush.


Don’t forget to stir. Burnt mush could ruin the flavor of your jelly sauce.

Step three: Strain the mush!



Jelly sauce is great with little chunks of apple in it but leaves and stems sort of ruin the experience.


Step five: Totally disregard the instructions on the pectin box and add all the sugar (9 cups to 7 cups of apple mush) before you add the pectin. Bring to a rolling boil.

Step six: Add your pectin and boil for one more minute making the pectin totally ineffective.

Step seven: Ladle  the mush into jars. Close the tops and put in your hot water bath for 10 minutes.


10 thoughts on “How To Make Crab-Apple Jelly Err…Sauce

  1. LOL 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. I just lost my hour from the ‘fall backwards’ theory but popping in this late was well worth it .
    You are yet braver than I will ever be. No one would know the new discovery save for them that would partake of the experiment.
    Sauce? Jelly? I bet it’s so scrumptious they won’t even know the difference!
    Blessings much, thou-who-makest-me-to-laugh

  2. I loved this! I cooked up some pumpkin one year and then made pumpkin cookies . . .that looked more like pumpkin pancakes. I didn’t even know we could use crab apples . . .I thought it was just something we called people.
    God bless you, Pastor J, and your crab apple jelly sauce!

  3. This reminds me of when my Nana would make her own grape jelly. Sandy and I would help her make the jelly. When we were all done she would make her buttermilk biscuits and serve them hot with the jelly we just made. Sandy and I have such precious memories with our Nana. Thanks, Pastor J, for triggering that memory. Pastor J, I bet your apple jelly/sauce would be good on a hot biscuit right now.

  4. Hi Pastor J,

    I enjoyed this post. I’ll admit, I am not much good in the kitchen, but I do have my “specialties.” What you attempted, is way out of my league, so I applaud you for sharing the recipe with us, and taking us through it with you. Some comments were pretty funny too! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your apple jelly/sauce. 🙂


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