23 Pt.11

     “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,  I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4 

     Anyone who wonders about the work of the shepherd needs to read “thefisherlady’s” comment to me in my post “23 Pt. 9.” Her story is so poignant in light of our current discussion.

     As I was meditating on verse 4 a few weeks back, Holy Spirit began to speak to me about His rod and His staff which comfort me in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I could never say I didn’t fear evil if it weren’t for His rod and His staff. Without them all my  positive thinking and focus on the greener pastures would still be obscured by the ever-presence of evil about me. After all it’s not the green pastures that defeat evil. It is the Lord with His rod and His staff that chases my boogeymen away. If all I had were green pastures before me and no God with me in the present circumstance I would still be  afraid, because there would be a very real chance of never making it to the pastures no matter how green they may be.

     Yet the Lord has assured me that because of His rod and His staff “no weapon formed against me will prosper” Isa. 54:17! He can and will defeat every evil force arrayed against me!

     Oh! But it’s even better than that! His rod and His staff are not just for the predators lurking in the dark. His rod and His staff are fashioned to keep me on the path when I lose sight of it in life’s gloom. I am prone to wandering, especially in those moments when life goes a little catywhompus. If I had to depend on my own ability to keep myself on the straight and narrow I would certainly despair. The green pastures would forever be out of reach and I would be lost. But I have a Shepherd who has both Rod and Staff to guide me back onto the path when I take a step away from the Way. Oh surely that is a great comfort! Neither enemies without or within shall keep me from reaching the green pastures. For the Shepherd has made it His job to get me through!

5 thoughts on “23 Pt.11

  1. Wow, Pastor J . . .this is super encouraging. 🙂 We can go with confidence in the One who watches over us. I needed to hear this and to believe it. God bless you and how you share His truths with us!

  2. Thanks, Pastor J you really do remind us that God is watching over us every step of the way. It’s like He is walking with us with His hand on our back, just a father would guide his child when learning to ride a bike without the training wheels. We don’t quite have our balance yet but with Dad’s help we soon get it. We may fall but we always know Dad is never too far away so he can pick us up. The same is true of God. He’s right there to help pick us up when we fall.

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