Ho! Ho! Boo!

My sister is moving to Amsterdam before Christmas. Since this may be our last opportunity to have a family Christmas for a few years, we thought we would celebrate on Halloween.

I think God loves her a lot. Because this weekend we had a HISTORIC  Halloween snow storm.

I shoveled a foot of snow Saturday night. Then Sunday morning I had another foot to shovel!


So today is Christmas and Halloween. We have decided to greet all our trick-or-treaters with a mixed greeting “Ho! Ho! Boo!”

Have you been effected by our HISTORIC world weather? What do you think it is?

14 thoughts on “Ho! Ho! Boo!

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy Halloween !!!!! I think our Jesus is coming soon but not before Brenda gets a chance to bring lots of souls to Christ. The Harvest is white as snow. Have a great day with you family. Many blessings to all of you.

  2. Having grown up in the snowbelt I remember a couple freaky October snows–but nothing like this. Glad y’all are having a white Christmas and hope the goblins are wearing long johns.

  3. Beautiful! There is something quite magical about snow scenes.
    Since it is still Spring here, and I already have my electric fans blasting me, a little bit of snow would be most welcome. How about sending a little this way? Please? . . . . .

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