23 Pt. 8

He leads me beside the quiet waters.” Psalm 23:2

     On Tuesday night I went to the office to catch up on my writing. I still had blogging to do, a funeral service to write and I had to finish my Pentateuch class for Wednesday night. I took my glasses off to rub my weary eyes and the next thing I knew I was wiping drool off my chin.Iit was seven o:clock. I had power-napped for a half-hour.

     I’m not in the habit of falling asleep while I am working; So I was a little stymied until I began to add up the hours from the previous two weeks. 137!… Eeek! Granted one shift was an overnight where I got to sleep on the hotel floor…still that’s a lot of hours!

     I am so grateful to have a shepherd who “leads me beside the quiet waters.” The verse actually means “He leads me with care or guides me to a watering station beside waters especially set aside as a resting place.”

     God knows what I need. As my Spirit-guide, it is His job to lead me to the resting place when it is necessary. He promised me a while back that when things got a little too hectic He would sovereignly cancel items off my schedule. I think He does this because He knows I have a weakness in the area of saying no. So He helps me when I get over-committed. True to His promise, on Wednesday I went in for a team meeting at the local VNA and the meeting had been cancelled giving me and extra two hours to rest and catch up. Then yesterday I got an e-mail from my senior pastor telling me I could take some vacation time to just rest if I needed it!

     I have to say Jesus is my quiet water and my resting place.

How does Jesus bring you to rest when you need it?

11 thoughts on “23 Pt. 8

  1. I love how He takes care of you and let you nap in that few moments . . .and cancels meetings too. 🙂
    Sometimes my hubby will be invited out to dinner or go fishing and not need dinner fixed. That is a nice break and “rest” for me. Also, some nights instead of waking up after 4 or 5 hours of sleep, I really stay zonked out. Wake up and can’t figure out what day it is. haha!
    Thank you for helping me to think of this sweet blessing of His, Pastor J!
    God bless you and bring you the needed rest.

  2. Thank you, Pastor J, because your blogs really speak to my heart they make me stop and think of how God is really working in my life. Lately God has given me alot of rest time and I am grateful for that. My life was so hectic with working so many hours which was never enough, not to mention it was so far from home and all the doctor appts for my son/my self that I became very stressed. It seemed like there was no time to rest, so God has given me a season of rest which was much needed. He is drawing me closer and closer to Him each and everyday. I thank God for my sister Sandy, for she always knows when I need a little extra rest especially if my son has been up through the night with seizure activity. She always lets me take a nap. Thank you, God, for blessing me with your rest and drawing me closer to you during this time.

  3. Thank you, Pastor J

    Interesting how He gets me to stop running around. Funny how He has to kick the stops from under my feet to get me to chill sometimes… 🙂

    Blessings much,

  4. Great evidence of how God gives what we need and can make it happen. Our “daily bread” can take on many manifestations can’t it. Who knows better what we need?! Thanks!

  5. At times I have been required to work right through the night and continue all next day. My loving Father gives me so much joy in that sort of service that I never feel tired. Then, the following night He gives me an extra few hours of sleep and refreshes me completely.

    We have an amazing God who knows EXACTLY what we need and is ALWAYS ready and willing to supply each need. He always “leads beside still waters” when we need it.

    What an amazing God!

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