Autumn Drive

A few weeks ago my sister my daughters and I went leaf peeping. I wanted you to be able to peep in with us on God’s glory!

     We started with lunch at the Flipside Grille In Fitzwilliam NH

This is Brenda and Melanie at the Flipside

Afterwards we took a skip over to the town common which was a great place to grab a few family photos and enjoy the colonial feel the town added to the autumn air.



     We jaunted north into Troy to show the girls the house my grandmother grew up in during World War I.

This is the view from Gram’s childhood front porch.

Mt. Monadnock is beautiful year round but in the fall the air seems to crystallize around her!

The crab apples were ripe!

 I love country roads!

Autumn moonrise!

I hope you enjoyed leaf peeping with us!

11 thoughts on “Autumn Drive

  1. Thank you so much for taking us along, Pastor J. It was beautiful. And I think the best part is just you and your family enjoying time together in each other’s company. You bless me!

  2. What a beautiful day you had for your day out with the family. New England is truely a site to behold in the Fall. This reminds me of days when Sandy and I would just take off for the day and travel the country side, of course, I always found the dirt roads, but they always were beautiful ones. Thanks for taking us on your road trip. Now, I can’t wait to take one myself.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Pastor J

    I enjoyed the trip 🙂 As much as Fall heralds snow and ice, I love the beauty of all it brings. I didn’t get to go leaf watching this year so thanks for sharing your visit with me 🙂


  4. I love the shot of the sunlight coming through the tree, and like Debbie I think the joy of “family time” shines through.
    One thing I miss in our tropical climate is autumn tone trees, but on the other hand I love our purple trees (Jacaranda trees, in full bloom with no sign of green – and then the purple lawns) and our red trees (Poinciana and Flame trees)

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