23 Pt. 7

“He restores my soul” Psalm. 23:3

       In the years between high school and marriage, when I wasn’t attending college, I worked in my father’s restaurant as a short order and prep cook. Dad’s place was well-known for its home cooking. I was an abysmal baker but pretty good with meats; So one of my jobs was to make the sausage. Weekly I would grind, spice and bake-off about a hundred pounds of pork for our breakfast patrons.

     About three weeks before my wedding I began experiencing nervous jitters that resulted in difficulty focusing. Still, I managed to keep things pretty well together, until one afternoon when I was experiencing a particularly potent round of pre-wedding jitters. I forgot the spicing stage in the sausage making. I didn’t realize my mistake until I had completely cooked off sixty pounds of pork loaf. I am assuming most of you have never done this. Let me just say there is absolutely no way you can redeem pork loaf in the restaurant business.  I was quite sure I would never make it to the altar if my father found out (his anger was a thing to behold); So in fear I hid the  pork loaf for four days under a  fifty pound box of lettuce.

     Emotions are powerful things. In their grip many have left the world of reason and have made choices that left the world gaping in disbelief. Meanwhile those caught in the grip of feeling wondered why no one else could understand what they did.

     Our culture puts great stock in being led by feeling. We probably shouldn’t. God made feelings to be a part of our souls. He didn’t make them to be the “be all and end all”. He certainly did not intend for us to be led by our feelings. We are to be spirit led by the voice of God and His revelation to us.

    So part of restoring my soul has been getting my emotions out of the driver’s seat and into the back seat where they can make helpful suggestions without calling the shots.

     I should probably finish by telling you that eventually I had to confess to my father (you can’t hide pork loaf forever). I lived to see my wedding day. My fear reaction turned out to be unfounded.  That wasn’t the last time I let fear rule the roost though. He has worked with me again and again in this area. I am to this day being restored in my emotions.

How has God restored you in the area of emotions?

9 thoughts on “23 Pt. 7

  1. Pastor J, this series really runs deep for me. Thank you for stirring our souls. My emotions are definetly a work in progress but God is certainly working with me on it. God is showing me little by little that I don’t need my emotions to go off the deep end and that if I give the situation to Him He then can help me work through my emotions. Saturday could have been one of those emotional pitfuls for me. My performance of the piece of music I worked all these months on was not good, actually it was pretty bad. Thank you, God, for showing me the funnier side of that day. At first, my mind said you’re never getting up in front of people to play your trumpet again but then God said to me, I did not bring you this far to fail. God is so right because if I don’t get up there again I failed myself. So now I just laugh when I think of my performance that day. I pray that God continues to work with me and that my emotions can take the back seat where they belong. God let me hear your voice more and more.

    • I think that failure in performance is one of performance’s benefits Deb. It does show us how connected our emotions are to the world’s approval. I have now “failed grandly” in performance so many times I shiver for a few moments then pick myself up and go on to the next performance learning what I can along the way. The truth is good performance is often the result of many failed performances. I will share more on this sometime.

  2. I remember that!!! I didn’t know you hid it….like me hiding myself behind the couch when I was 6 and tried to bake a cake on my own resulting in flour & sugar everywhere and a dozen eggs cracked on the floor in front of the frig….YES I HID!

  3. I am thinking about this one and appreciating how you get us to do that! I really like what you said about letting emotions take a back seat. I think that describes it wonderfully and is great advice. If I can and will, I try to wait awhile before doing anything or saying too much when my emotions are flaring. God bless you as you take us and our emotions to God.

  4. Emotions . . . very beneficial and yet also the opposite . . . much like fire or water: we couldn’t do without it and yet it is also so destructive.

    As a child my emotions ran rampant but I HAD to keep them under control. I had absolutely NO self esteem, believing the words spoken to me every day, that I was totally evil; that no one would ever want me, so I might as well do the world a favour and kill myself.

    My life changed completely when at 22 years old I became a Christian, but the low self esteem continued and expressed itself through my emotions. God is perfect and His work is perfect and His continual work in me continues to change me. I am still an emotional person, and He often has to lovingly chide me, but I am certainly not the person I used to be . . . . .

    • Isn’t that just it Angela? I once asked God why He couldn’t change me all at once. He told me He could but it would do violence to the person HE had made me to be. So the years of process are in order to keep the “me” in me as He gets the sin out. Like you…like us all, I am still in process. Soooo far to go, but enjoying the journey.

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