23 Pt. 6

“He restores my soul” Psalm 23:3

     My soul is an “organ” with three parts: mind, will, and emotion. In order to be fully restored God must restore all three parts. It is not just my mind, my thinking, that is broken. My will, the decision-making part of me is also in disrepair.

     I have to confess that when I converted to Christianity I didn’t suddenly turn into this total God-serving machine. Oh, there was a change. I began to serve God more than I ever did in my pre-Christian state. But I still struggled with my will… I still struggle with my will. There is still this piece of me that doesn’t want to do good. Label it however you want to, it’s a no-good piece of me that works hard to influence my decisions in life. Sometimes ,with my will, I listen to that piece of myself and…you know the end of that story. Yes, my will needs restoring to that place where my ears are tuned only to the commands of Christ. The tuning is a work He does through training and testing. Each time I listen to His voice, in the middle of a test, and choose for Him my will is restored and I am conformed more to His image. The more I am restored the more joyful obedience becomes.

Have you  ever noticed that the more you obey, the more you want to obey?

11 thoughts on “23 Pt. 6

  1. Oh, boy, the will thing. This is a big one for me because there are so many times I want to do it my way and only my way. Alot of times I have to learn the hard way but I am noticing that the more I obey the easier it is to hear His voice. Sometimes I’m just not sure if I’m in His will or not and then He will confirm it with a verse, a situation, a blog or a sermon. I then say thank you, Lord, for showing me your way. Lord help me not to struggle with my will and to surrender to your way sooner each and everyday.

  2. Thank you, Pastor J

    Way back then, I thought becoming a Christian meant I would experience the ‘magic wand effect’. Sadly, it didn’t happen. That’s not how He works. I may not always see what He’s doing but I have to trust Him to break my will and lead me. (It’s not like I know where to go anyway!!)

    “The more I am restored the more joyful obedience becomes.”
    Reminds me of Paul’s words “I must decrease so that He will increase”… Restoration is such a huge part of the walk but funny enough, it seems the minute He restores a part of me, I jump off the table and take off, only to return with other parts broken… or missing… or worse.

    Thanks again. I have much to work through as I allow Him to take the lead in this will-breaking joyful-restoration process.


    • And as we walk in this way there is joy unspeakable and full of glory and peace that passes all understanding even in the brokenness! Thanks for the blessing you are Ann!

  3. >> “Have you ever noticed that the more you obey, the more you want to obey?”
    I guess this is a “more blessed to give than to receive” type of thing.
    I like Spurgeon’s quote “You can’t outgive God because He always uses a bigger shovel”

    When we obey the Lord, He blesses and His blessings are so rich that our hearts are warmed to do more.

  4. I was obedient in something yesterday and yes, there was certainly joy. But Pastor J . . .it was kind of like I didn’t even know it. I didn’t struggle over this thing. He just gave an opportunity and I responded. I was so thankful afterward that I didn’t have time to think about it and mess it up with my will. haha! Being obedient is something that I pray for. I want to hear His voice, hear what is important to Him and then act on what He tells me.
    God bless you as you encourage us toward restoration in Him.

    • I’m with you Deb. I love those moments where my first reaction is righteousness. Such moments usually leave me marvelling over how much God has changed me. 🙂

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