That’s the sound of me flying in. No I didn’t fall off the face of the Earth. I fell into Jesus. Let me ‘splain. “Falling Into Jesus” was the name of our art community’s autumn show. It went up yesterday and so I have been “arting” since Friday morning at 8 A.M. 

     It took our team most of twelve hours on Friday to defrock the fellowship hall, hang the show, and shop for the opening reception.      Yesterday, show day, my daughter and I were back at it by 9 A.M. I of course had to buy a new white shirt since mine was more of a greyish brown. Then we were back to the church for what my sister likes to call “dits and fratz”.

     By 2 P.M. we were having our artist devotion and 3-8 P.M. was the show. We had about 250 people out I think! It was a great day of art, music and literature!

                                             The work of Gramma Wendy

      The work of Charlotte Dorais

      I feel so guilty about missing yesterday’s post but man the last few days have been a class five cyclone. I am just taking a few minutes to write between services and then I am off to play piano for evening prayer.

     Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on schedule with the writing. I have so much to tell you!… Well time to go!…WOOSH