Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 25

     So with today’s post we have chapter charted the entire book of Genesis. Congratulations You! You have now read through the first two-thousandish years of world history. Isn’t that cool? Let’s see what you come up with these last two chapters of Genesis!

Genesis chapter 49 sermon topics/titles:

1. The importance of the blessing Ge. 49:1-28

2. The Blessing of being Scattered Ge. 49:7

3. The Qualities Of a Scepter Holder Ge. 49:8-10

Genesis chapter 50 sermon topics/ titles:

1. The Thorn(Atad) of Crowns Ge.50:10

2. The Thorn of Crowns Pt. 2 Ge.50:21

3. Foreseeing the Troubles Ge. 50:25

What do you see in these verses?


4 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 25

  1. Tim, Sandy, and I are having such fun discussing our chapter charts. Here are my chapter charts.
    Gen 49
    1. Come close and listen to the truth. 49: 1-32
    2. There is a Lion within. 49: 8-9
    3. May the blessings rest on the Prince among his brothers. 49: 22-26
    Gen 50
    1. Take me home. 50: 5, 12-14
    2. Fear from their sin, forgiven with much love. 50: 15-21
    3. You must take me with you. 50:25

  2. Oh I like “Forseeing the Troubles” from you, Pastor J and “there is a Lion within” by Debby. 🙂 What a wonderful work you are doing. Can’t help but think that He is charting a map on your hearts! God bless you and your study of His word!

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