23 Pt. 1

     “The Lord is my shepherd” Psalm 23:1

      Midnight has come and gone. I am winding down in the hotel room as the youth group  settles in for the night. I did some calculating. This is my fourteenth youth convention…the eighth I have had a hand in planning. I have turned this one over to Pastor Brad. I am mostly along for the ride to troubleshoot any problems he runs up against. Yet I have found that even this requires a good deal of intentionality and planning.

    We started planning this thing back in June. There are a lot of logistics to taking a youth group on an over-night trip: registrations, hotels, meals, travel arrangements, crowd control, chaperone to student ratio and so on.

     I realize though that if shepherding a youth group through one twenty four hour period is complicated, planning out and shepherding me through all the twists and turns of my life is a far more complex endeavor. Yet He does it! He is my guide who knows every path. He is the Waymaker when I am certain there is absolutely no way. He is the protector who sees every enemy before they attack. He is the leader who is never at a loss for a plan.

What does “The Lord is my shepherd” mean to you?

9 thoughts on “23 Pt. 1

  1. Everything you said and this. He is my GPS unit. He always knows the best route for me. Even when I think there’s an easier way I hit a path that’s not on the map. As you get closer to the satellite signal your GPS can get you back on the right path again. I just need to make sure I’m always as near as I can be to the satellite signal (my Jesus). It’s taken quite a few wrong turns to figure out the whole GPS system and how it works. I know now that drawing closer to Him in all that I do, the less wrong turns I make or should I say the less time spent on that path. It is nice to know that God is always right there ready and willing to help whenever you call. Thank you God.

  2. I, like Debby, thought all of the ones you mentioned were so true for me too. Maybe also that He knows how to care for me, what I need and when. Without my Shepherd, I might over graze a pasture, drink bad water or forget to drink at all, and when I get wounded, He is there knowing how to heal me.
    God bless you, Pastor J, as you look to your Shepherd today!

  3. Well pastor J I just wanted you to know how much I and the group appreciated you helping us all out. And You arr definitely right. God IS the Shepard. He is leading me down a path that I dont know what is to come, but I feel will lead to great things.

    • I know God is going to lead you to great places Garrick. Just keep trusting Him! He may lead you into some surprising places but it will always work out for your good!

  4. >> “planning out and shepherding me through all the twists and turns of my life is a far more complex endeavor”
    And to think that you and I are only two of millions and He does the same for all, every second of every day! What an amazing God!

    Without my Shepherd I would be a lost sheep, straying on my own way, running into all sorts of troubles and dangers – doomed! But while I keep my eyes on my Shepherd I enjoy perfect safety and security. Sure, I will still encounter difficulties, but He is always there, always available and always willing to undertake for me.

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