23 Pt. 1

     “The Lord is my shepherd” Psalm 23:1

      Midnight has come and gone. I am winding down in the hotel room as the youth group  settles in for the night. I did some calculating. This is my fourteenth youth convention…the eighth I have had a hand in planning. I have turned this one over to Pastor Brad. I am mostly along for the ride to troubleshoot any problems he runs up against. Yet I have found that even this requires a good deal of intentionality and planning.

    We started planning this thing back in June. There are a lot of logistics to taking a youth group on an over-night trip: registrations, hotels, meals, travel arrangements, crowd control, chaperone to student ratio and so on.

     I realize though that if shepherding a youth group through one twenty four hour period is complicated, planning out and shepherding me through all the twists and turns of my life is a far more complex endeavor. Yet He does it! He is my guide who knows every path. He is the Waymaker when I am certain there is absolutely no way. He is the protector who sees every enemy before they attack. He is the leader who is never at a loss for a plan.

What does “The Lord is my shepherd” mean to you?