Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 24

     The chapter charts are a simple devotional exercise. All you have to do is read the chapter in question and draw three titles or topics from it which interest you. The ideas can be deeply profound or practically simple in nature. It’s all about brainstorming. Give it a try. The Scripture has much to speak to us.

Genesis chapter 47 sermon topics/titles:

1. “Few” In God’s Eyes Is “Much” In Ours. Ge. 47:9

2. Where Is Rameses? (This is a good study point particularly if you are jumping into Exodus and have questions about who the Pharaoh of the Exodus was): Ge. 47:11

3. Enslaved By God’s Servant? Ge. 47:13-21

Genesis chapter 48 sermon topics/ titles:

1. God Goes Beyond Expectation Ge. 48:11

2. God Chooses Number Two Ge. 48:12-20

3. Transference of the Blessing: Ge. 48: 21-22

Now you try! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 24

  1. Please forgive me Pastor J . . .I’m just not able to keep up with the chapter charts right now. 😦 But I am cheering you and your class on from the sidelines! I loved the sound of the few is much one! God bless you as you forge ahead, all systems go!

  2. Class last night was great.
    Gen. 47
    1. Only the best. 47: 5-6
    2. They gave up everything. 47: 13-21
    3. Take me out of here. 47: 29-31
    Gen. 48
    1. They are mine now. 48: 5
    2. Israel blesses them. 48: 11-22
    3. The younger shall be greater. 48:19

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