Pastor Wrinkles; Chapter Charts Pt. 23

     It was at my Alma Mater V.F.C.C. that I first learned about the chapter charts. Sadly the professor who assigned them has gone on to be with Jesus (sad for us not for him). Anyway my son has never done a chapter chart. I am hoping some day soon he will sign on and give it a try. While I am waiting, how about you?

 Genesis chapter 45 sermon topics/titles:

1. Terrified By Sorrow Ge. 45: 1-3

2. The Hand of God In the Hatred of Men. Ge. 45:4-8

3. Leave Your Things Ge. 45:19,20

Genesis chapter 46 sermon topics/titles:

1. God Confirms the Future Ge. 46:1-4

2.  Judah’s transformation Ge. 46: 28

3. First Is Not Always Best Ge. 46:32-34

Now you try 🙂