Autumn Trek Pt. 6: The Ren Fest

     When I asked my son what he wanted to do when I visited him in PA I really expected him to say “Let’s go to Philly” or “Let’s see a movie.”

     I wasn’t prepared for him to suggest a Renaissance Festival; But he had seen the ad for a family friendly fair down in Manheim. So we made the plan for Sunday after church.  I prayed in the morning because the sky was threatening rain. For a while I thought we actually might ditch our plans and head to the art museum in Philadelphia instead; But when we got out of service the sky was clear; So we set to the drive an hour across country.

    Joe slept most of the trip because he was skyping until four A.M., with a missionary from the other side of the international date line he’s planning to intern with next summer .

     Once in Manheim though there was no sleeping. Only picture-taking. 

and eating

and more eating!

This was followed by fire eating.

And of course Shakespeare in the park.

Now slow, constant, and intentional as it was, by the end of this day I was ready for a nap. So I learned slow, constant and intentional does not necessarily mean non-tiring.

Have you ever been to a Ren Fest? Did you like it?

10 thoughts on “Autumn Trek Pt. 6: The Ren Fest

  1. Oh that explains a lot then . . .it can still be tiring. 🙂 Another wonderful post and we do have a Ren Fest. close to us. Only, my daughter can’t handle things like that so we don’t go. 🙂 But , it looks like fun!
    God bless you as you go intentionally today!

  2. Thanks, Pastor J
    Haven’t been to one but now I am enticed! Nice pics, thanks for sharing.
    I am intentionally taking it slow today 🙂

    • Good for you Ann! Not all Renaissance Festivals are entirely appropriate but this one looked like it had a lot of kid friendly events so we felt pretty safe. We had a great time!

    • Stands for Renaissance festival. It is a festival dedicated to re experiencing Elizabethan Europe. Kind of fun…but hit the wrong one and it can get very bawdy. Reading the flyers before hand can be very helpful

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