Autumn Trek Pt.5: The Audubon Loop

     My son saved me hundreds of dollars in hotel costs by letting me sleep in his dorm room. He let me have the bed while he took the floor, because I’m old (according to him) and he’s going to be a missionary; So he needs to practice. I, of course, was entirely compliant not wanting to rob him of his missionary training. 🙂

     We slept well and by next morning we were both ready for action. After donuts and coffee we decided to head out to Mill Grove to walk the trails before Joe had to be back to work at 1 P.M. 

       When the kids were little Tina and I went camping at Lamb City in Phillipston MA. They had a loop trail there too! It was a beautiful trail around the lake, but poorly marked.

    Tina had gone shopping in town. Joe and Amanda were really needing something to do. So leaving Melanie with my brother and sister-in-law I headed out with my three and four-year olds for what was supposed to be a short jaunt around the lake. I knew we were in trouble when I wandered into an apple orchard an hour or so later some two miles from the camp ground. By the time a van loaded with strangers offered us a ride, two hours further into our walk, I really didn’t care if they were axe-murderers the kids and I needed rescuing.

      I share that little story because history has a way of repeating itself. At first Joe and I were only going to walk half the trail and turn back the way we came. Half way in we changed the plan and decided to do the whole loop which was a four and a half mile walk. I thought “I can do this. Let’s impress the whippersnapper!”

The forest trail was beautiful. We found the remnants of an old lead mine and stopped for pictures.

     Of course, being part of the Audubon estate the trail was dotted with bird houses and duck blinds like this one.

      It was all going so well until about here. Then we lost the trail. Oh, we were on a trail all right. We just didn’t know it was the wrong one until we came to a dog park where we asked some friendly dog owners where the Audubon Loop picked back up.

    To which they replied “You walked here from the Audubon loop? Bummer!”

    So…Yeah…Four miles turned into more like eight or ten. The biggest difference between getting lost with my son at four and getting lost with my son at twenty-two is that this time I didn’t have to carry him. Oh, and this time I had a camera. 

Long story short. We lived. We made it back. Joe was only a half hour late for work. But, I’m thinking  maybe that look he gave me when I first arrived was prophetic.

10 thoughts on “Autumn Trek Pt.5: The Audubon Loop

  1. Oh Pastor J . . .this is too good. Glad you are okay and that Joe didn’t get in trouble at work. He didn’t, did he? I had something similar happen with my girls when they were little! Oh, it was not a good feeling. So, what’s the spiritual lesson in this one?
    God bless you and all the places He takes you!

    • Thanks Debbie! Nope Joe didn;t get in trouble. We had cell coverage so we were able to phone work while we were on the trail…the wonders of modern technology. 🙂

  2. Look at it this way you and Joe got to spend more time together. I used to have a fear of getting lost but one time on our way home from Maine I ended up lost down near Boston. A trip which normally took an hour and half ended up being 8 hours. Sandy teases me, “Leave it to Deb she can find any dirt road.” I don’t have a fear of getting lost anymore since I do it so often. I just tell her I’m taking the scenic route.

  3. Ha, ha. I’ve done that before! When my family goes hiking, I’m not allowed to lead, because I’m always extra chatty… and I don’t pay attention to the trail markers. Oops! 🙂 Well, glad you made it out of the woods okay. It definitely made for an adventure.

  4. Thanks for sharing, Pastor J

    I have been following the trip and enjoying the journey 🙂 Some of the sights are familiar to me, some are brand new and exciting. Thanks for the intros and for the memories you have stirred.

    I kinda like the idea of being lost in Him. Lately I have been lost in the things that require my attention… I have spent some time hiding in Him. Now I am really looking forward to getting lost in His love, His warmth, the safety and comfort of who He is. Thanks for pointing me there.

    P.S. I have been running around your blog trying to find the link to Joe`s blog. Please share it again, thank you.

    • Hey Ann, My goodness time seems to have sped up doesn’t it? I made the commitment to blog everyday and suddenly my schedule filled to overflowing. I’m with you trying to hide in Jesus and constantly reminding myself to keep the lessons I learned last week. Joe is at His work and school schedule have been keeping him from blogging much lately. He is 35 hours at The Shack and a full course load. So I’m thinking this slow, constant, intentional thing is something given to a lot of us in the body of Christ just now. I feel like the craziness may not stop but somewhere along the way we have to! Hide in Jesus! I like that! 🙂

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