Autumn Trek Pt. 3: The Drive Continues

      If you remember this vacation was supposed to be about me learning a certain lesson more deeply for the purpose of bringing that lesson to the wider body of Christ. If I had to boil the weekend down into a catch phrase I would have to say, “Be slow, constant, and intentional”.  I really practiced the slow part on Friday. I left Muddy’s at 6 A.M.  Now,Valley Forge can be reached in six hours; But I knew in advance I wouldn’t make it by noon. I sincerely had my doubts I would make it by the time my son was scheduled to work late in the afternoon. I just didn’t have it in me to drive solely for the destination. The journey itself was important; So when I got stuck in traffic outside of Hartford I just settled myself in to talk to God as my van alternated between spurts of 5 MPH and 45 MPH.

     I stopped for lunch in New York before I crossed the Tappan Zee Bridge. I opted for route 202 instead of the Garden State Parkway and pulled off the road at about three so I could grab some shots of the Delaware River Water Gap.

     In that place the river runs between Lambertsville NJ and New Hope PA. This old bridge is the border crossing between two towns that have given themselves to the purpose of promoting the arts. Just up my alley!

    From the bridge the waterway looks like a liquid highway running between the states ready to deliver passengers to the eclectic neighborhoods that join the two towns.

     The river was swollen in its banks from the recent passage of Hurricane Irene and the rains which have dogged the east coast since. Still the barricades were open so that the few brave kayakers on the water could boat along the swift current unhampered.

     Both towns were crammed with tourists making parking tricky. I finally found a spot behind a gallery in Lambertsville that promised if I wasn’t quickly inside viewing and buying art my van would be just a quickly towed. I’m not sure exactly how the gallery staff would know…but since I wasn’t willing to be stuck overnight in New Jersey I made a quick tour of Lambertsville and headed cross-river to New Hope.

    So ten hours in I finally hit the border of my destination state! How’s that for slow?!

6 thoughts on “Autumn Trek Pt. 3: The Drive Continues

  1. I think it sounds wonderful, Pastor J. So glad that you didn’t have to rush . . .didn’t feel you had to. Praying to learn from your journey! 🙂 God bless you as you take your time with Him.

  2. It looks like you had a nice day to take it slow and soak in the scenery. Your catch phrase really speaks to me. Be slow with your tongue, constant in His word, and be intentional with sharing the gospel. God has given you such a great gift of writing. Your words dance together in such a way they really stir my heart long after I leave your blog. Thanks for letting God use you.

  3. No offence intended, but America has never been on my list of places to see, mainly I suppose because my own country offers so much and I want to see all of it before looking elsewhere. However, since my eldest son moved to Manhattan earlier this year, New York has been on my list. Your travels and descriptions and photos increase that desire. I would love to take a leisurely drive there – the trouble being that you drive on the wrong side of the road! Maybe I’ll have to settle for bus tours.

    • Actually the land your viewing is only a quick day trip from Manhattan Angela. Maybe three hours or so. An over night in Amish country is quite a treat and they have one of the best Christian theater companies in the world (Sight and Sound). Bus tours come down from New Yorl all the time. I would truly love to see Australia some time.

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