Autumn Trek Pt. 2: The Sabbath Drive

“There is a joy in the journey. There’s a light we can love on the way. There is a wonder and wildness to life, and freedom for those who obey!” (From “Joy In the Journey”, Michael Card)

     I pulled out of the drive at Muddy’s house at 6 A.M. on Friday morning. The sky was still dark. Even as the sun rose, purply mists hung all over the rolling hills as I pushed up the Mohawk trail into Western MA.

    I felt the Spirit pushing me to take the day slow… to see the road…to enjoy the ride. I worried that sight would be socked in by the clouds; But by the time I reached the French King Bridge God had pulled back the veil to feed my soul on His glory.

     One of the lessons I learned more deeply this week is that we humans are made to follow a rhythm. Life is supposed to be a regular pattern of music and rests. Life         

can’t be just sound and fury. Somewhere along the pathway there has to be some stillness, some silence. In fact really good living like really good music is a balance between sound and silence, loud and soft, work and sabbath.

     Now sabbath is a tricky thing. At it’s root it is unplugging, stepping back from the work of your hands and breathing. I’m coming to understand, though, that sabbath is not just about giving ourselves time for  rest and recreation. Sabbath is an absolutely essential part of our work.

    Sometimes labor becomes like a cloud on the mountains, a curtain that covers the forest of our purpose for existence. We get going, start working and before we know it we don’t even remember why we’re doing half the stuff on our plate.  

     Sabbath gives us a chance to pull back the covers so we can see what our work is really producing. By it we are giving the ability to evaluate where we are going, why we are going there, and how effective we’re being on the journey. 

      Joy in the journey depends on being able to see the road. Sabbath gives us the ability to stop and take a look!

Have you given yourself a real break lately?

14 thoughts on “Autumn Trek Pt. 2: The Sabbath Drive

  1. Oh boy. I think you have spoken right into the heart of a matter for me. Sometimes . . .okay, most of the time . . .I can be so dense. He has been opening up these little windows of time for me, to go house sit for the family that I clean for regularly. So guess what I keep doing and wondering why I’m not connecting with Him like I want to? Working non-stop while I’m there . . .even though that’s not expected or asked for. Running home to try to read and comment as much as possible on blogs before running back. Stressing about what to fix for my hubby and have for his lunch while I’m away. Thank you , Pastor J, for helping me see the road today. 🙂 God bless the Sabbaths that He sets before you.

    • Thanks Deb, He sets these times before all of us. After all it was He who gave the sabbath. I have found that recognizing the Sabbath when it is given is the hardest thing to do. Actually taking it and not feeling guilty about it is the second hardest thing.

  2. Sometimes we are forced into a sabbath and don’t understand the road ahead. Life was too fast and there was not enough focus on Him. Even in the sabbath you think I have to get this done or that and yet all He wants is for you to be still. Be still and know that I am. I am learning to be still and listen. I pray that in this season of rest I grow spiritually the way God intended. May my sabbath be all about Him. Thanks, Pastor J

  3. Oh boy… This is getting pretty serious.
    Short answer: no
    Long answer, I have been so busy trying to make deadlines, I haven’t really rested. I just had to stop because the body would go no further. Have I taken the kind of rest you described? Nope. Not lately. But it seems Deb and Debby `live under my window` so I will just ditto on their comments 🙂
    Not sure how life got so busy in the last couple weeks but missing one deadline can throw the whole train off the track. Yesterday I read a series of blogs that reminded me to put life in perspective. Today you have confirmed that.
    Thanks much. I will take the rest of the day off and truly rest, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I needed this.
    P.S. – one of my favourite memories for this summer was a family trip to the beach at Ocean Street. Hanging out and doing nothing felt weird at first, but after a while we got used to it and just chilled and relaxed. I thoroughly enjoyed that physical sabbath . Would be nice to have more like that. When did life get to be this way? 😦

    • Life is a series of seasons isn’t it Ann? I am glad you are taking time to rest. Sometimes we are in the rapids sometimes in the deep still. The trick I think (haven’t completely mastered it yet) is to not let what’s going on outside detract from the peace inside.

  4. I guess we are all different. I know I thrived on “good” stress – the stress of having deadlines in the work I love doing. The heavier the workload, the more stress, the better I worked . . . or that was the way it was until I retired. However, I must add to that the fact that if I didn’t take the time, early in the morning, for my “sabbath” then things would not go right for the whole day unless I took that time. Spurgeon said that praying is a saving of time and I have to agree with him.

    • I also agree with Spurgeon. You are right we are all different. My boss is very good with the dead lines. I am pretty good at meeting them but staying calm as they approach is an acquired habit not a natural one; So to say I like deadlines is sort of like saying I like the dentist. Both are very necessary and being faithful to both is very rewarding but oh if only….

  5. Hi Pastor J,

    What Angela said! 🙂 I do miss my career, and the hustle and bustle, plus the stress of meeting my deadlines, etc. It really got the brain cells going! 🙂


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