Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 22

       Our Pentateuch class is a little ahead of us now. We finished through Exodus chapter 19 tonight. Our first question of the night was review: “What are eleven things you learned about the book of Genesis?”  Can you, dear reader, come up with eleven things you think are important from the book of Genesis?

     On to the chapter charts for the day!

Genesis chapter 43 sermon topics/titles:

1.” Praise” calls for self-sacrifice Ge. 43: 1-8

2.  Gifts In the Famine Ge. 43: 11-15

3. When Weeping Causes Waiting Ge.43: 29-31

Genesis 44 sermon topics/titles:

1. Tricking Into Reconciliation Ge. 44:1-33

2. “Praise” Humbles Ge. 44: 16-33

3. Judah the Changed Ge. 44:33

What can you come up with? 🙂