Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 21


     Tonight we resume Pentateuch class here at Cornerstone. About 25 students have been coming out weekly to hear me wax eloquent about Moses. But tonight shall be a big surprise because we are going to be “teaching to learn!” I can’t wait!

     In the mean time my blogger friends join me in trying out today’s chapter charts:

Genesis chapter 41 sermon topics/ titles:

1. Responding To God’s Timing: Ge. 41: 1-14

2. When To Look For Wisdom Ge. 41:28-33

3. Fruitful Forgetfulness Ge. 41:51,52

Genesis chapter 42 sermon topics/titles:

1. What the Dream Really Looked Like! Ge. 42:1-9

2. The Day of Reaping Ge. 42: 1-38

3. Reuben the never-changing Ge. 42:37

What can you come up with? 🙂