Autumn Trek Pt. 1: Muddy’s Birthday

     So I am on a journey of discovery this week-end. I started planning this autumn trek in August. A prophetess, named Julie, told me I would receive a deeper revelation this trip, about something I already knew and practiced;  But it would be reinforced and strengthened so that I could teach it to others; Maybe you can help me come up with revelation knowledge out of this hodge-podge. “In the mouth of two or three witnesses let a thing be established!”

It all started with a party

     Thursday was Muddy’s 75th birthday! She asked that we not have a party. She wanted to order in Chinese, and asked us to buy a Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Layer Cake along with Neapolitan ice cream. Of course my sister and I tried to convince her to go out to a fancy restaurant (you only turn 75 once after all) but she would have none of it. So we bought the rice and the Rangoon and the boxed cake and made a party of it! I did tell you Muddy didn’t want a party didn’t I?



I bought hats and  made everyone wear them!

And we invited a few guests. This is Muddy looking annoyed at the unwanted visitors. Before you pass judgment hear me out. They were very special guests:

We invited a gnome

 a dwarf

Princess Leia

(She’s saying “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. This party is really dull!”)

There was a unicorn

a parrot

Hercule Poirot

And an alien bug

Muddy was a little upset with the guest list until we brought out the cake. Then it was all good.

     So that’s how the autumn trek started. Anyone getting any deep spiritual lessons for me yet?

14 thoughts on “Autumn Trek Pt. 1: Muddy’s Birthday

  1. These are my thoughts on it. It doesn’t matter how long the guest list, she will always know you thought of her enough to celebrate her life. I bet deep down she really does appreciate it and looks forward to her Pepperidge farm cake every year. I think for some people when they have a birthday they are reminded of all the things they could of and should of done. For some it is a reminder of regrets but for many it is a reminder of all the good things in their lives like family and friends. By the way nice party.

  2. I loved all the guests! 🙂 You had a party that she could handle. I like that too. Deep spiritual lessons, eh? I think there was much listening, obeying and respecting going on, and that brought about tri-fold joy. Great start, Pastor J!

  3. Ha, ha. You know, all the guests looked strangely familiar to me. I shall have to ponder this and try to remember where I’ve seen them before. 🙂 Sounds like a GREAT time!

  4. Thanks, Pastor J,

    Looks like that was a great gathering 🙂 75 is a big one, isn’t it?
    Thanks for sharing Muddy’s special day with us, and no, I have no interpretation 🙂


    • Perhaps we shall not meet here below Angela so that I can throw you a party. But soon and very soon we shall be at a banquet like nothing we have ever known. Look me up there and we can do the hat thing together! 🙂

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