Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 19

     This week is our Cornerstone Missions Convention. Tonight we have three missionaries coming to share their hearts for the lost. Our church has been asked to seek God on how we can: Pray, Give, and Go for missions in the next year. I’ll be sharing some of the things Jesus spoke to my heart in a later post.

     All that to say, we have suspended Pentateuch class for the week. That gives my class two weeks to catch up on their reading! 🙂 But here at Pastor Wrinkle’s Corner we don’t have to take a break. We get to do four more of our glorious chapter charts. So what did you come up with this week? Here are mine! 🙂

Genesis chapter 37 sermon topics/titles:

1. How to become unpopular in three easy steps Ge. 37: 1-10

2. When We Think We Understand What We See. Ge. 37: 7-11

3. When Life Becomes an Empty Cistern Ge. 37:18-36

Genesis chapter 38 sermon topics/titles:

1. The Wages Of Guilt Ge. 38: 1-27

2. How Praise Loses Its Power Ge. 38:1-5

3. When Sin Is More Righteous Ge. 38:26

6 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 19

  1. Praying for God’s answers to those prayers during the Missions Convention! And laughing at you not taking a break here! You are ever faithful!
    Well, all of these sound wonderful. How to become unpopular in 3 easy steps I would like to hear. ha. I think I know how, think I’ve done it in less steps than that!
    God bless you as you continue to seek Him out!

  2. It’s neat to see how the word speaks to each of differently. It truely is a living word. Here are my attempts on these chapters.
    1. Hidden within the dreams. 37: 5-11
    2. Hatred unleashed. 37: 18-36
    3. Unconsoleable. 37: 34-35
    1. Wicked in His sight. 38: 6-11
    2. A future secured. 38: 24-26
    3. Not one but two. 38: 27-30.

  3. Thanks, Pastor J

    “…what did you come up with this week?”
    I’m so far behind, I give up. I just come and read and learn and celebrate 🙂

    Prayers for a harvest of souls. Missions is very close to my heart.

    Thanks as always!

    Learning much,

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