Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 18

     Well we did it! We smashed through the Patriarchs in one night and are now into the life of Moses. For those who prefer a gentle saunter to the mad-dash-class, we have these chapter charts.

    With today’s posting we are really just beginning to cover the life of Jacob. So tell me what you see in these chapters. You get to come up with three sermon topics or titles for each chapter. Have some fun with it! 🙂

Genesis chapter 35 sermon topics/titles:

1. Settling Yourself In “The House of God” Ge. 35:1-6

2. Losing the Security of Familiarity Ge. 35:8

3. When Life Steals the Blessing Look Homeward Ge. 35:16-27

Genesis chapter 36 sermon topics/ titles:

1. What Cavorting With Canaan Will Do. Ge. 36:1-8

2. The Birth of Darkness Ge. 36:12

3. Annoyances Can Bring About God’s Best (Mehetabel ,”God Does the Best” daughter of Matred, “The Constant Dripping”) Ge. 36:39

Now you try!

6 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 18

  1. Class was great!!! I have to tell you Pastor J, the geneologies are really hard to pull titles out of. I love to read your titles you see such depth in these chapters. Here’s my attempt.
    1. Purification was needed. 35:1-5
    2. A promise reaffirmed. 35:11-13
    3. My beloved is gone. 35:19-20
    1. Esau’s line. 36:9-19
    2. No more room. 36:6-9
    3. Kings over Edom. 36:31-43

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