Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 16

     It was a whirlwind class but we made it through to Genesis 25 and the genealogy of Ishmael last night!

     I have been using the chapter charts to pinpoint some of the things I think of as highlights in the Pentateuch. If you had to teach a class in Genesis what would you include?

Genesis chapter 31 sermon topics/titles

1. When God Tells You to Run Ge 31:1-13

2. God’s Gag Order Ge. 31:22-29

3. God is Watching Ge. 31: 43-55

Genesis chapter 32 sermon topics/titles

1. Meeting God As You Make Amends Ge. 32:1–6

2. Living Like you Have Something To Lose Ge. 32:7-19

3. Wrestling the Blessing Ge. 32:22-32

Let’s see what you come up with. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt. 16

  1. wow Pastor J! All of these sound equally great! Praying for you and your class, that you are drawn closer and closer to Him through this special time in His word!

  2. Pastor J, last nights class was great. You gave us so much background info that it is helpful in understanding these people in the bible. Thanks, can’t wait to see what next week’s class brings.
    1. When He tells you to go-you go. 31:3
    2. A united front. 31: 3-18
    3. Why the Mizpah? Who really needed it.? 31: 22-53
    1. I need a little help here God. 32: 9-12
    2. Israel spared. 32: 24-30
    3. A “tendon” reminder everyday. 32: 31-32

    • More fun will be had in Genesis Deb! 🙂 Love “Why the Mizpah? Who really needed it?” It’s a good question. One I have never really thought about. What do you think?

  3. This is my thought on the subject. Why the Mizpah?- who better to be watching over your shoulder than God. Who really needed it?- both Jacob and Laban, they obviously needed something to remind them not to cross the line.

  4. The more I think about this I realize we all need the Mizpah. We all need to be accountable to God in everything we do and He gives us the strength to be more Christ like.

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