Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt.11

     So the decision has been made! Pastor Wrinkles is coming out of retirement and is going to teach a fall session of the Pentateuch! these chapter charts have given me some good material to start bringing the story together into a unit. Let’s have some fun and see what these next chapters bring about. Send me your sermon topics and ideas!

Genesis chapter 21 sermon topics/ titles:

1. The Joy Comes Late Ge. 21:1-7

2. When God Doesn’t Seem To Care Ge. 21:8-21

3. You Will Stand Before Kings Ge. 21: 22-33

Genesis chapter 22 sermon topics/ titles:

1. God Will Provide Ge. 22: 8

2. The Rewards Of Holding Nothing Back Ge. 22: 1-19

3. God Provides For the Future: Ge. 22: 20-24

Tell me what you see!


6 thoughts on “Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Pt.11

  1. I took a little look at Genesis 21 and the very first verse spoke to me. Maybe something about Him doing what He says He’ll do. 🙂 Thank you for challenging us . . .and I’m excited to hear about your teaching! yay!
    God bless you dear Pastor J, as you continually look to Him for everything.

  2. Hi Pastor J,
    I found this to be quite challenging seeing that I don’t think I’m preacher material. Here is my attempt.
    1. He Keeps His promises. 21:1-2
    2. In His timing. 21:2-6
    3.God hears your cries. 21:14-16
    1.How is your faith? Can you surrender all to Him? 22:1-3
    2.Abraham trusted God to provide. 22:5-8
    3. Blessings through obedience. 22:9-14.
    Thanks for the homework,

  3. Thanks, Pastor J

    Here I go! (@Debby :- good stuff! I’ll attempt to be as brave as you 🙂 )

    Genesis 21:1 – 5 – Age Is Not A Factor
    Genesis 21:6 – 7 – A Reason To Laugh
    Genesis 21:8-14 – When Plans Suddenly Change
    Genesis 21:15-21 – Unexpected Deliverance.
    Genesis 21:22-33 – The End Matters

    Genesis 22:1-14- Firm Faith And True Trust
    Genesis 22:15-18 – That’s What You Get For Trusting!
    Genesis 22:20-24 – The Promise Unfolds

    Okay… so this is much, much harder than I thought 🙂 I may not do as great a job on the chapter charts but this is a sure way to get us to read His words. 🙂

    Thanks for your help!


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