You Choose the View Pt. 3

     What did the deep black waters see

      Before they found me?

       Were they sent?

       Did they decide to melt

       From some mountainside

       To come tumbling down into my life?

       Am I just the lucky one?

       Maybe it’s all three.


       What did the deep black waters see

       Which made them come to me? 

     Did they flow

     To the call of God above?

     Did they choose to help my cause?

     Will they wash away the black

     Deep in me?

     Every change gives us an opportunity to check what’s going on inside. With God the internal trumps the external every time. God’s more interested in our holiness than He is our comfort. In fact, He will often arrange a little discomfort to bring out the attitudes which really dwell inside us…the ones we try so hard to deny until they pop out in some moment of stress and become undeniable.

     Our circumstances are not our main problem. How we respond on the inside to our circumstances, that is the primary issue at hand.

    In your current set of life-changes ask yourself:


  1. Is my attitude through this change pleasing to God?
  2. Do I blame my attitude on my life? If so that has to change. You not your circumstances should control your attitude.
  3. What is the real reason I feel the way I do? Most circumstances only bring an already existing attitude to light; Where did yours start?
  4. What are some steps I could take to change my attitude even before I change my circumstances?

Here’s to change!

8 thoughts on “You Choose the View Pt. 3

  1. Oh Pastor J . . .I am going through some internal changes, God directed. 🙂 I really, really needed them and am finding it exciting. So I welcomed this post and thinking through those questions. Stepping back from my circumstances, at least somewhat, and getting an attitude adjustment from God, helped me get started on the follow through.
    God bless you as He brings good change into your life!

    • The follow through is the hard part isn’t it Deb. At least that’s what I have found. My intentions are always good but when they turn into action that’s when I begin to really trust God for His goodness, grace, and help. That’s when the miracles come because in the follow through of God’s plan that where I need them! I am praying for your changes!

  2. Thanks Pastor J:
    I needed an attitude adjustment this morning and this confirms the correction I felt.
    Thank you God for never giving up on me and for surrounding me with people who speak your truth into my life at the exact time I need it. I love you lord.

    • Charlotte, I am so glad He doesn’t give up on any of us. Right after I wrote this post, attitudes began to surface in me which needed to go before the throne. I realized I had written as much for myself as for anyone else! 🙂

  3. When I think of attitude I think of something Abraham Lincoln said:
    “I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow”

    When the Lord shows us “thistles” in our lives, we need to pluck them out and replace them quickly with the flowers of His grace and enabling – and we need to constantly ask Him to reveal the thistles.

    • So very true! My experience with thistles is that they are stubborn things and often need to be pulled more than once before the root comes up! Then the flowers can really grow. Thanks for the comment! 🙂

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