Pastor Wrinkles: Chapter Charts Part 2

Here is part two of Pastor Wrinkles’ new series! Join in the fun! 🙂


Professor Reuben Hartwick taught Old Testament and Pentateuch when I went to Bible College. One of the exercises he required of us was called “Chapter Charting”. Professor Hartwick required us to break down each chapter of the Pentateuch (first five books of the Bible) to come up with as many sermon topics/titles as possible. Points were awarded per chapter. Any chapter with less than three sermon topics received no points at all. Extra points were given for the most creative sermon ideas. 

It was a tough exercise but one well worth practicing! Here are  my chapter charts for Genesis 3 and 4.

Genesis chapter 3 sermon topics:

1. Putting Words in God’s Mouth Ge. 3:1-3

2. Blame Is Like a Game of Hot Potato Ge. 3: 8-13

3. When Not to Listen to Your Wife Ge. 3:17-19


Genesis Chapter 4 Sermon Topics:

1. Crouching Tiger Hidden Sin Ge. 4:1-6

2. He Already Knows! Just ‘Fess Up Ge. 4:8-10

3. When Prayer Began Ge. 4:26

All right, Pastor Wrinkles will be back next Wednesday. So you have a week to send your sermon ideas for Genesis 1-4. Let’s hear them!

Come back tomorrow for more “Reinventing the We’ll!”

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